Behrend Vain pillow, inflatable, with pump, 70x60x20/10cm

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Behrend Venenkissen, aufblasbar, mit Pumpe, 70x60x20/10cm

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Product details of Vain pillow

The inflatable Behrend Vain pillow discharges the vains and the lumbar spine and supports the blood circulation and balances a hollow back out.

Properties of Vain pillow

  • affects releasing and blood circulation encouraging to the vains
  • balances a hollow back out by discharging the lumbar spine
  • ready for use every time and everywhere by its practial form
  • waschable with soap or a mild detergent
  • 70x60x20/10cm
  • with pump

Application of Vain pillow

  • for the dischargement of vains and lumbal spine
  • for a better blood circulation
  • to balance an hollow back out