Beurer Inhaler IH 50, swinging double diaphragm, High nebulization

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Beurer Inhalator IH 25/1, desinfektionsfähig, 0,21 ml/min Verneblung

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Product details for Inhaler IH 50 with oscillating diaphragm

The Beurer IH 50 inhaler provides a quick and effective means of inhalation swinging double-membrane that lets through even the smallest particles of the drug.

Properties from the inhaler IH 50

  • Vibrating membrane technology: nebulization through high-frequency vibrating micro-porous double-membrane
  • schenlle and effective inhalation
  • perfect for kids
  • disinfection capable
  • High proportion of respirable particles
  • High nebulization capacity - greater than 0.25 ml / min
  • average particle size in the aerosol less than 6 microns
  • short inhalation time
  • very quiet
  • incl. mouthpiece, adult mask, children's mask
  • incl. storage case
  • Battery / mains operation
  • Medical product
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

Properties of the oscillating membrane technology

  • sets for nebulization of medications an ultramodern oscillating membrane.
  • This oscillating membrane is partially porous and permeable to the smallest particles of the drug once it is vibrated.

Applications from the inhaler IH 50

  • ideal for the treatment of children
  • for the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract
  • colds, asthma or other respiratory illness