Descosept Combi Powder Instrument Disinfectant, Dr. Schumacher, 850 g

Artikel Nr: DSM 00-103-008
EAN Nr: 0780305800443

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Descosept Combi Pulver Instrumentendesinfektion, Dr. Schumacher, 850 g

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Product details for Descosept Combi Powder

Descosept Combi Powder is suitable for ultrasound devices.

  • 1 x 850 g can

Descosept Combi Powder is an aldehyde-free disinfectant/cleaner for all medical areas and laboratories. It is also suitable for alkali-resistant instruments. The powder can be used for mechanical disinfection of medical instruments and is suitable for ultrasound devices. Descosept Combi Powder fulfills all laws concerning work security with sensible hazard materials in human medicine.


  • disinfection and cleaning in one step
  • bactericidal (including MRSA)
  • fungicidal
  • virus-deactivating (polio and adeno viruses) – 60 degrees Celsius with disinfection automat

Fields of application:

  • suitable for ultrasound baths
  • for instruments and items made of metal (excluding eloxated aluminium)
  • items made of glass, ceramic and plastics
  • for cleaning the ridges of pincers from blood and protein residue
  • for disinfection and cleaning of alkali-resistant medical instruments of all kind