Descosept special wipes disinfectant wipes with o. without dispenser

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Descosept Spezial Wipes Schnelldeinfektionstücher mit o. ohne Spender

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Product details for wipes for rapid disinfection

The wipes Descosept special wipes are used for rapid disinfection and cleaning of medical inventory and surfaces including in food areas.

Descosept wipes are alcohol-free, ready-to-use disinfection wipes for rapid disinfection and cleaning of medical inventory and all kinds of surfaces in medical areas as well as in all areas of the food industry and in canteens. Based on quaternary ammonium compounds
Descosept Spezial Wipes are free from alcohol and do not contain aldehydes or phenols. Due to the their high-quality lint-free material composition, guaranteed release of active ingredients and excellent cleaning power, Descosept Spezial Wipes are especially suitable for all professional applications.

Properties of disinfectant wipes

  • free from alcohol
  • free from aldehydes
  • free from phenols
  • alcohol-free wipes for rapid disinfection of large surfaces
  • fast acting
  • high degree of material compatibility

Range of Applications of disinfectant wipes

  • Acc. to MDD (Medical Device Directive): Disinfection and cleaning of alcohol-sensitive non-invasive medical devices.
  • Acc. To BPD (Biocide Directive): Disinfection and cleaning of medical inventory and surfaces.

Expose Time of disinfectant wipes

  • bactericidal incl. MRSA, yeasticidal
  • acc. to DGHM/VAH (high organic soiling) 1 min.*
  • *listed in the 5 minute column of the VAH list
  • Active against all enveloped viruses incl. HBV/HIV/HCV/ Vaccinia /BVDV /Influenza viruses
  • acc. to RKI recommendations: 30 sec.
  • Rota viruses 30 sec.
  • Papova/Polyoma viruses acc. to EN 14476 2 min.