Flexi model in exercises leg by Erler Zimmer, lifelike functions

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Schädelmodell, anatomische Ausführung 22-teilig, Farbe: natürlich

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Product details for IM exercise leg

At the Flexi model in the training leg with realistic features, several 100 injections may be performed. Also muscular u. Bony structures are in place.

Properties from IM exercise leg

  • many 100 injections of fluids and even genuine drugs can be carried out
  • the model does not lose its visual appearance
  • Injection sites should not be construed
  • Human female leg - from the hip to just below the knee
  • Realism in appearance
  • lifelike functions
  • muscular and bony structures present and palpable realistic
  • bony structures such as the iliac crest and trochanter are available

Applications from IM exercise leg

  • suitable for subcutaneous and intramuscular injections with all common injection techniques
  • to learn the anatomically correct injection technique may iliac crest and trochanter can be used