Flexi Model seam tape, Erler Zimmer Exercise leg, realistic suturing

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Schädelmodell, anatomische Ausführung 22-teilig, Farbe: natürlich

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Product details for seam-leg exercise

The Erler Zimmer female skin suture leg consists of muscular and bony structures and thick flexible skin Materail that can be sewn realistic.

Properties from seam exercise leg

  • female leg
  • all muscular and bony structures present
  • Skin consists of a thick but flexible material
  • can be sewn realistic
  • a reasonable expenditure of force with real skin, it is necessary to pierce the skin
  • red fabric - beneath the skin
  • incise at any point - even at the knee
  • Exercises: removing sutures, various suturing techniques, insertion of drains, wound care and dressing technique
  • Suturing deeper tissues is not possible

Applications from seam exercise leg

  • to practice different suture techniques, removal of sutures, insertion of drains, wound care and bandaging techniques