Erler Zimmer Skull model 3-parts with muscle markings anatomically

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Schädelmodell, anatomische Ausführung 22-teilig, Farbe: natürlich

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Product details for Skull model with muscle marking

The Erler Zimmer Skull model 3-parts, has a marking of the muscle origins and insertion points and corresponds to a life-size human skull.

In addition, it was adapted to the anatomical Ideal accordingly. All details and structures according to the textbook.

Properties from anatomical skull model

  • designation of muscle origins and insertion field
  • incl. Nomenclature
  • 3 parts: skull base, cranial vault and mandible
  • all anatomical details and structures are in place
  • was idealized by the medical education
  • corresponds to the anatomical Ideal
  • the teeth meet a real bite
  • Lower jaw movable and removable
  • Cranium is held in place by metal pins and magnets at the base
  • dimensionally stable items with convenient magnet connections
  • Size: 18 x 19 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 0.7kg

Applications from anatomical skull model

  • ideal training aid