Smoking lung demonstration model, real pig's lungs with bellows

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Schädelmodell, anatomische Ausführung 22-teilig, Farbe: natürlich

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Product details for Smoking lung demonstration model

The Erler Zimmer smoking lung demonstration model, from a preserved pig lungs can be inflated and illustrates the effects of smoking.

Properties from smoking lung demonstration model

  • real pig's lung
  • was contaminated before conservation
  • Stable through special BioFlex-preservation methods
  • odorless
  • soft and flexible
  • with holding frame and bellows
  • can be inflated with bellows
  • incl. cross-sectional model for considering the internal structures
  • with instructions in English
  • Natural size

Applications from smoking lung demonstration model

  • to illustrate the effects of smoking
  • pig lung is very similar to the human lung and offers a very impressive demonstration of lung function