Hydrololloid Association Hydrocoll Hartmann, sterile, diff. Sizes

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Hydrololloid-Verband Hydrocoll von Hartmann, steril, versch. Größen

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Product details for Hydrololloid Association

Hydrocoll Hartmann, a sterile, fast absorbent hydrocolloid dressing for moist wound treatment, eg with burns.

The Hydrocoll Association is sucking, self-adhesive semi-permeable, germ-dense top layer. He effected by gel conversion of hydrocolloid dressing shares a moist wound environment, wherein the gel is absorbent until the hydrocolloids are saturated. It promotes granulation and epithelization and must be removed without wound irritation. Hydrocoll is available in various designs and cuts.


  • for moist wound treatment clinically uninfected, weakly to moderately exuding wounds, especially in wounds with poor healing tendency and protracted granulation tissue, eg, in leg ulcers or decubitus
  • with 2nd degree burns