Hydrotüll ointment of Hartmann, diff. Sizes

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Hydrotüll Salbenkompressen von Hartmann, versch. Größen

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Product details for ointment

Hydrotüll Hartmann is an ointment with hydro-active ointment for moist wound treatment.ung.

The hydro-active ointment consists of hydrophobic wide-meshed polyamide lattice, impregnated with a hydro-active ointment, which forms a water-in-oil emulsion upon absorption of wound exudate and the hydrocolloid particles are contained herein absorb moisture from the wound, save and together with the emulsion triglyceridhaltiges a gel form that creates an optimal moist wound environment and receives and at the same time maintains the wound edges. The compress is exudate permeable, particularly soft and highly conformable, easily cut to size and ensures no sticking to the wound.

Ingredients of the ointment

  • Ester mixture of natural
  • vegetable fatty acids
  • bound as di- and triglycerides
  • vaseline
  • emulsifiers


  • for the treatment of acute and chronic superficial wounds of all kinds
  • in the granulation and epithelization, if a hydro-active treatment desired and the wound edges require special care