PermaFoam tracheostomy foam dressing Hartmann, 8 x 8 cm, 10 pieces

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PermaFoam tracheostomy Schaumverband von Hartmann, 8 x 8 cm, 10 Stück

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Product details for tracheostomy foam dressing

The hydrophilic foam dressing PermoFoam tracheostomy Y-cut for the supply of entry points such as tracheostomy tubes and special applications.

The foam dressing with water vapor permeable polyurethane topcoat. The hydrophilic macroporous foam structure provides by increased capillary for rapid transport of wound exudate and ensures a balanced moist wound environment, so that bacteria and cellular debris are safely enclosed and remain bound under compression. It is soft, supple, and with good cushioning effect.


  • for the treatment of clinically infected, strongly to moderately exuding wounds in the exudation and granulation
  • chronic problem wounds such. as leg ulcers or decubitus
  • for the treatment of venous ulcers in combination with compression treatment
  • for the supply of burns Grade 2
  • for deeper wounds or difficult to be supplied problem arean