Hartmann Pur-Zellin Cellulose Swabs, swab roll, 4 x 5 cm, 500 items

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1 Rolle Pur-Zellin Zellstofftupfer Tupfer

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Product details for Pur-Zellin

The Pur-Zellin swabs are made from highly bleached bandage cellulose and are pre-perforated.

  • 1 Roll with 500 items
  • 4 x 5 cm
The Pur-Zellin swabs by Hartmann are pre-perforated and consist of highly bleached bandage cellulose. They are inherently stable, abrasion-proof, sterile and do not emit dust. Swabs aren´t exclusively used to clean the skin prior to infusions and injections – they are also used in beauty parlours, for example to remove nail polish.


  • absolutely abrasion-proof
  • inherently stable
  • bandage cellulose
  • sterile

Fields of application:

  • door handles
  • medical practices
  • beauty parlours
  • laboratories