Hartmann Stülpa-fix Tubular Net Bandage, 1 item, different sizes

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Hartmann Stülpa-fix, Netzschlauchverband, 1 St., versch. Größen

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Product details for Stülpa-fix

Tubular net bandage for each body part and size available.

  • 1 tubular net bandage per package

Stülpa-fix is a highly elastic tubular net bandage made of 68% cotton, 24% polyamid and 8% polyurethan. The tubular net bandage enables quick, easy and durable bandage fixation on all body parts. Stülpa-fix does not slide off, keeps its form without expanding and can be cut without ripping or unravelling. The bandage can be sterilised if necessary.


  • highly elastic tubular net bandage
  • made of 68% cotton, 24% polyamid and 8% polyurethan
  • does not wear out and does not restrict
  • simple, fold-free and stable fixation
  • resilient against unguents, sweat and grease
  • sterilisable (steam at 134 degrees Celsius)
  • gentle on the skin
  • does not rip or unravel when cut

Fields of application:

  • for fixation bandages of any size and kind
  • fixation of padding material to body parts in danger of pressure ulcers

Stülpa-fix tubular net bandage is available in different sizes:

  • Size 1: finger bandage
  • Size 2: hand and arm bandage, leg and foot bandage for children
  • Size 3: leg and foot bandage, head bandage for children
  • Size 4: head bandage, torso bandage for children
  • Size 5: torso bandage
  • Size 6: large torso bandage
  • Size 7: especially large torso bandage