MegroPlate breeding ground, Dermatophytes selective TAPLIN, 4x5 plates

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MegroPlate Fertignährboden, Candida-Elektivagar, Nickerson, 4x5 Stück

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Product details for Dermatophytes selective according TAPLIN

The MegroPlate dermatophytes selective by Taplin is a breeding ground for the isolation and in many cases to a rapid differentiation of dermatophytes.

Properties of breeding groound

  • Prepared nutrient
  • selective
  • includes selective inhibitors cycloheximide, chlortetracycline gentamicin and
  • containing phenol red as a pH indicator
  • The test material is removed and applied individually to the surface of the medium
  • 4x 5 plates

Applications of breeding groound

  • for the isolation and differentiation of dermatophytes