Noba gauze bandage wrapped in foil, bandage, individually, diff. Sizes

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NOBATOP®-steril 8, Vliesstoffkompressen, 4-lagig, 60x 2 St, Größenwahl

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Product details for gauze bandage

The Noba gauze bandage is a stare cotton binding and is used for fixing plaster splints or dressings.

Properties of gauze

  • white
  • woven and rigid
  • pure natural fiber.
  • wrapped separately in plastic
  • Material: Cotton
  • Medical device according to MPG, Class I, Rule 1
  • Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • CE and DIN EN ISO 15223-1- labeling

Areas of application of the bandage

  • for modeling of plaster splints
  • for fixing plaster splints
  • as bandage for wound dressings
  • as Notverbände First Aid