Plum rinse with 1 L bottle with spray nozzle and dust cap

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Plum Spüllösung mit 1 L Flasche mit Sprühkopf und Staubkappe

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Product details for eyewash pH Neutral

The Plum flushing solution for larger parts of the body is pH neutral and contains sterile phosphate solution, an effective rinsing solution in caustic burns by acids and alkali.

Features of pH neutral flushing solution

  • handy bottle
  • equipped with a special spray head, which ensures a uniform distribution of liquid over a large body area.
  • with sterile phosphate solution (4.9%)
  • with dust cap
  • with clear and understandable operating instructions with text and icon on the bottle
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • also suitable for the replenishing of the station.

Applications of pH neutral flushing solution

  • Effective rinsing solution in caustic burns by acids and a variety of alkaline substances
  • Can be carried on the worktable or parked in the toolbox, truck and customer-company car

Important note about the pH-neutral eyewash

  • Neutral pH is as a first aid measure intended for the emergency flushing with a flushing time of 2 minutes. Goal in the rinsing with a bottle pH neutral is as soon as possible to adjust the pH value back to a safe level when acids or alkalis come into contact with the eye or skin.