Ratiomed FOB stool sample, occult blood, in-vito-diagnosis, 25 tests

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Ratiomed FOB Stuhltest, Okkultbluttest, In-vito-Diagnostik, 25 Tests

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Product details for FOB stool sample

The Ratiomed FOB stool sample has reliably occult blood in human stool samples (detection limit 50 ng / ml) to and used in the in vitro diagnostics.

Properties from FOB stool sample

  • immunological rapid test
  • Detection of occult blood
  • human stool samples
  • Detection limit is 50 ng / ml hemoglobin
  • Detection by specific antibodies
  • more accurate and reliable results than the chemical Okkultbluttests (guaiac tests)
  • no diet measures required
  • Results are not distorted by food
  • only for professional in-vitro diagnostic

Content from FOB stool sample

  • Ratiomed® FOB test cards - individually wrapped
  • Stool collection tubes
  • Stool collection instructions
  • faeces collecting
  • interpretation map
  • leaflet

Applications from FOB stool sample

  • for the qualitative detection of occult blood in human stool samples
  • only for professional in-vitro diagnostic