Octenisept® wound disinfection by Schülke, colorless, painless, 50 ml

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Cutasept F Desinfektionsspray Haut von Bode, 50 ml Sprühflasche

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Product details for wound disinfectant painless

The colorless wound disinfectant Octenisept of Schülke is painless to use and therefore very suitable for infants, preterm infants and children.

Properties from the wound disinfectant

  • colorless
  • painless application
  • for babies, premature babies and children
  • applicable in pregnancy
  • broad antiseptic Wirkunsspektrum
  • rapid onset of action within 1 minute (30 sec. at bacteria and viruses)
  • acting quickly and comprehensively
  • good skin and mucosa compatibility
  • hypoallergenic
  • economically through application aids
  • effective against bacteria including chlamydia and mycoplasma, fungi
  • and yeasts, protozoa (Trichomonas), viruses (herpes simplex, HBV, HCV and HIV)

Applications from wound disinfectant

  • for the treatment of traumatic, acute, chronic and surgical wounds and burn wounds
  • prior to diagnostic and surgical procedures in the anode and Uro-genital area
  • prior to diagnostic and surgical procedures in the oral region
  • for preoperative Hautantisepik in mucosal region close
  • for antimicrobial whole body wash with MRSA-colonized patients

Ingredients from the wound disinfectant Octenisept

  • 100 g solution contains: 0.1 g octenidine dihydrochloride, 2.0 g of phenoxyethanol (Ph.Eur.)
  • Excipients: (3-Cocosfettsäureamidopropyl) -dimethlyazaniumylacetat, sodium gluconate, 85% glycerol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, purified water