Surgical Tweezers Adson, straight, by Hartmann, 12 cm, 25 items

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Chirurgische Pinzette Adson, gerade von Hartmann, 12 cm, 25 St.

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Product details for Surgical Tweezers Adson

Surgical straight tweezers of the Peha-instrument range by Hartmann, 12 cm long.

  • 25 items per package

The surgical tweezers with special Adson-form are disposable tweezers of the peha-instrument range by Hartmann. The Adson tweezers are 12 cm long and are made from non-reflective brushed, dull metal. They are suitable for precise and gentle seizing and holding of sensitive tissue, fibres, foreign matter or bandage materials and swabs. Marked on both sides as disposable, mix-ups with sterilisable instruments are impossible. Dispose of Adson tweezers right after using them to avoid cross-contamination.


  • precise and anatomical
  • special Adson-form
  • straight
  • length: 12 cm
  • brushed steel
  • non-reflective
  • sterile storage life: 5 years
  • individually wrapped (sterile)
  • clearly marked as disposable on both sides

  • ambulance, emergency room or surgery
  • for seizing and holding of sensitive tissue, fibres or bandage materials and swabs
  • for seizing and removing of foreign matter