Schülke thermosept® NDR disinfectant cleaner, aldehyde, 30kg

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gigasept instru AF Instrumentendesinfektion von schülke, 2 Liter

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Product details for thermosept® NDR disinfectant cleaner

Thermosept® NDR by Schülke, for chemo-thermal cleaning and disinfection of bed frames, trolleys etc., is aldehyde, pH neutral and gentle on the material.

Properties of disinfectant cleaner

  • Disinfection and cleaning in one step
  • to minimize risk of iatrogenic transmission of CJD / vCJD (acc. to RKI release)
  • aldehyde
  • material compatibility
  • liquid
  • colorless
  • ph-neutral
  • pH ca. 6
  • Composition: 100 g contain: 4.0 g dioctyl, 3.0g phenoxypropanols, Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No 648/2004:. <5% non-ionic surfactants Other ingredients: solubilisers, corrosion inhibitors, hardness stabilizers
  • meets the demands of the working group "bedsteads and carriage decontamination systems" (AK-BWA)

Applications from disinfectant cleaner

  • chemo-thermal processing of non-invasive medical devices and thermolabile materials
  • for chemo-thermal cleaning and disinfection of bed frames, trolleys, containers, bedside tables and operating tables
  • for all standard cleaning and disinfection systems