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Aqua Dest Distilled Water, Laboratory Water

Aqua Dest Distilled Water, Laboratory Water

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Product details for Aqua Dest

Aqua Dest by Medicalcorner24® is distilled water, non-sterile and microfiltrated. It is suitable for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.

  • non-sterile
  • conductivity of <0,9µS when bottled

Aqua Dest is used for medical and pharmaceutical purposes as well as for technical and chemical purposes. It is also used for instrument reprocessing in laboratories or cosmetic enterprises. Aqua Dest is non-sterile and microfiltrated. It causes no calcifications.

Fields of application:

  • not suitable for infusions, injections or eye drops
  • for ionic-pulser system to create colloidal silver
  • due to the extremely high purity (low conductivity) the functionality of other silver generators cannot be guaranteed

Other fields of application:

  • for steam irons
  • for humidifiers
  • for radiator evaporators
  • for watering and spraying of house plants
  • to refill car batteries
  • hobbys and camping

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