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Baktolan cream, lipid replenishing skin care cream by Bode

Baktolan cream, lipid replenishing skin care cream by Bode

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Product details for Baktolan cream

Baktolan cream is a lipid replenishing and moisturizing water in oil care cream for stressed skin.

Baktolan cream is a skin care cream on water in oil basis for extremely dry and low-fat skin. It is suitable for daily use and offers good protection when working with disinfectants and cleaners. The nourishing agent lanolin alcohol supports the hydrolipd mantle of the skin and is absorbed by the skins upper layers.


  • lanolin alcohol
  • lipid replenishing
  • perfume-free
  • moisturizing
  • keeps the skin soft and smooth
  • stabilises the skins acid mantle
  • protects the skin from drying out
  • is absorbed quickly
  • silicon-free
  • conservant-free

Fields of application:

  • households
  • cleaning services
  • industry and laboratories
  • care nursing and geriatric care
  • hospitals
  • medical practices
  • canteen kitchens