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Biguanid Surface N Surface Disinfectant by Dr. Schumacher

Biguanid Surface N Surface Disinfectant by Dr. Schumacher

Artikel Nr: DSM 00-201-020-K
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Product details for Biguanid Surface N

Biguanid Surface N is a concentrate for disinfection and cleaning of medical products.

Biguanid Surface N is a concentrated surface disinfectant that protects from corrosion. It is used to clean and disinfect non-invasive medical products, medical inventory and surfaces of all kind. Biguanid Surface N contains no aldehyde or phenole and is efficient against noro viruses.


  • bactericidal (including MRSA)
  • tuberculocidal
  • fungicidal (C. Albicans)
  • levurocidal
  • virus-deactivating (HBV, HIV, HCV, noro, rota, papova, polyoma, adeno, vaccinia, influenza viruses)
  • Fields of application:

    • disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical products
    • surface disinfection and cleaning
    • PVC, linoleum floors and acrylic glass
    • bathtub disinfection and cleaning
    • in kitchens and the food processing industry

    Available in different sizes.