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Dismoclean 42 Alka, 5kg canister

Dismoclean 42 Alka, 5kg canister

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Product details for descaling

The alkaline cleaning and descaling Dismoclean® 42 Alka of BODE suitable for Bedpan washing machines.

Properties from descaling

  • high material compatibility also to acid-sensitive components (eg made of copper and cast iron)
  • prevents the formation of deposits on items to be washed and in the machine, in nozzles and pipes
  • prevents the formation of scale in the evaporator

Applications from descaling

  • as Kalkbinder and cleaning and washing up liquid in decontamination machines
  • for cleaning and disinfecting bedpans, urine bottles, stool buckets, secretion glasses and other disposal receptacles and utensils
  • included on machines that acid-sensitive components
  • for devices in which the concentrate of the agent is dosed directly into the evaporator