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Instrument Cleaner Dismoclean® 28 Alka med by Bode, disinfectant

Instrument Cleaner Dismoclean® 28 Alka med by Bode, disinfectant

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Product details for instrument cleaning and -desifektion

The disinfectant and alkaline liquid cleaner Dismoclean® 28 Alka med from Bode is suitable for thermochemical disinfection of thermostable materials.

Properties of the instrument cleaner

  • broad spectrum of activity
  • liquid
  • alkaline
  • contains surfactants
  • herrvorgagende cleaner
  • high material compatibility
  • prevents silicate deposits
  • binds undesirable water hardness
  • disinfectant
  • according to RKI vCJD requirements for general approach to minimize risk in the reprocessing of medical devices

Applications from Instrument Cleaner

  • for use in washer-disinfectors
  • for thermochemical disinfection of thermolabile materials (such as surgical clogs, rubber and plastic materials)
  • for surgical instruments, anesthetic equipment, laboratory areas