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Bort PediSoft® Toe/Finger Cap, Gel, S-L, 2 pcs

Bort PediSoft® Toe/Finger Cap, Gel, S-L, 2 pcs

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Product details of PediSoft® Toe/Finger Cap

PediSoft® toe / finger cap is made of a supple gel that prevents unpleasant skin irritation and pressure on the toes or fingers.

Particularly in sensitive skin, unpleasant pain is quickly caused by pressure from the shoes or from neighboring toes or fingers. With this gel cap you can quickly and gently remedy the situation - you simply push the gel cover over the finger or the toe you want to protect.

The PediSoft toe and finger cap is also equipped with a ventilation hole, which leads to good air circulation, thus preventing excessive sweating and assisting with the healing of the wound.

The soft silicone gel material has the so-called memory effect, which gently immerses the ten or finger and offers an increased wearing comfort. The material returns to its original shape after being worn and can be used many times.

Cleaning can easily be carried out with the soap, thanks to the smooth surface of the material, and even allows disinfection if necessary. The Gelhaube is very hard-wearing and suitable for long-term use and can also be used by diabetics.

The delivery includes 2x PediSoft® toe / finger cap, optionally in size S or L, so they can treat two places at the same time.

Properties of  toe / finger cap

  • with silicone gel fixing ring
  • with memory effect
  • adapts perfectly to the toes
  • returns to its original form
  • prevents drifting
  • prevents pressure points
  • helps with chicken eye
  • comfortable to wear
  • very gentle to the skin
  • separates gently toes
  • from soft Slikon and Gel
  • easy cleaning with soap
  • disinfectable - very hygienic
  • very durable and durable
  • 2 pieces per pack
  • Sizes: S or L

Areas of application of toe / finger cap

  • for the separation of tight-fitting toes
  • in chicken eye
  • with wounds in the toe spaces
  • for daily use
  • for diabetics