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Cooling Spray, Ice Spray, anticonvulsant, pain-relieving

Cooling Spray, Ice Spray, anticonvulsant, pain-relieving

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Product details for Cooling Spray

Cooling spray is used to treat diverse sports, home and leisure injuries.

The cooling spray by Medicalcorner24® is suitable for instant use. It alleviates pain and helps to prevent and reduce swelling. Inflammation processes are slowed and cause less pain, due to the reduced velocity of nerve channel conduction. Keep a safe distance of at least 30 cm when applying the cooling spray and never apply the substance to an open wound. Cooling spray is mainly used as first aid to treat small injuries as they happen in sports and leisure activities.

Fields of application:

  • do not apply to open wounds
  • muscular troubles
  • swellings
  • bruises
  • spraining
  • pulled muscles
  • insect stings and bites