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Hartmann dressing Cosmopor® Antibacterial self-adhesive, with silver

Hartmann dressing Cosmopor® Antibacterial self-adhesive, with silver

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Product details for antibacterial wound dressing

The wound dressing Cosmopor® Antibacterial for max. Absorption at the lowest re-wetting, a wound pad is coated with metallic silver.

The antibacterial wound dressings are equipped with the innovative DryBarrier® technology that allows the wound exudate absorbed into the wound pad, but not released back is - even under pressure. This combination of high suction capacity and lowest rewetting allows the post-surgical dressing can stay longer on the wound. It is a sterile, silver-containing and self-adhesive wound dressing made of soft backing is equipped with a highly absorbent wound pad and additionally coated with metallic silver layer having an antibacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Gram-negative and -positive bacteria through this additional, coated with metallic silver polyethylene film inside the wound pad there by the released silver ions in a moist environment effectively combated.

Applications of wound dressing

  • is also suitable for Infektionsprophylax
  • for postoperative wound care, but also for sterile treatment of minor injuries, eg. as in the context of first aid
  • in patients with sensitive skin