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Cutasept G Coloured Skin Disinfectant by Bode

Cutasept G Coloured Skin Disinfectant by Bode

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Product details for Cutasept G

Cutasept G is a quick acting coloured skin disinfectant to mark the disinfected area.

Cutasept G by Bode is a coloured skin disinfectant on alcoholic basis, used to mark the disinfected area. The colourless antiseptic acts very quickly after just 15 seconds and has a broad range of effects, including rota viruses. Cutasept F is long term efficient – even 24 hours after the application, the amount of germs is still the same as right after the application. Thus, optimal patient protection is guaranteed even during longer operations.


  • coloured to mark disinfected area
  • almost instant effect after 15 seconds
  • acts quickly and over long periods
  • good long term efficiency
  • good adhesion to incision drapes
  • ecomomical use by administration devices
  • bactericidal (including MRSA)
  • fungicidal
  • tuberculocidal
  • limited virucidal (including HIV, HBV, HCV)
  • efficient against rota virus
  • Fields of application:

    • prior to injections and punctions
    • prior to surgery
    • in hospitals
    • in medical practices
    • stationary geriatric care and home dialysis
    • when measuring blood sugar and administering insuline for patients with diabetes
    • HIV post exposition prophylaxis


    • propane-2-ol 63,0 g – equates to 72 vol. %
    • benzalkoniumchloride
    • cleaned water
    • colourants yellow-orange S (E110), chinolin-yellow (E104), brilliant-black (E151)