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Decontaman Wipes, cleansing wipes, Dr. Schumacher, 10 pcs

Decontaman Wipes, cleansing wipes, Dr. Schumacher, 10 pcs

Artikel Nr: DSM 00-610-T010
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Product details for antimicrobial cleansing wipes

Decontaman Wipes are developed for the gentle antimicrobial cleansing of skin and mucous membranes.

Suitable for use on highly sensitive skin. The soaking solution Decontaman Liquid is based on Polyhexanide and is antimicrobially effective against bacteria incl. MRSA/ORSA/VRE. It stabilises the physiological skin flora and reduces unpleasant body odour. Can be pre-warmed in microwave ovens.

Properties of cleansing wipes

  • ready to use cleansing wipes for quick and convenient handling
  • excellent tolerance to skin and mucous membranes
  • for MRSA/ORSA/VRE sanitation

Applications of cleansing wipes

  • antimicrobial body cleaning in case of colonisation with MRSA and other multi-resistant pathogenic organisms

Dosage and exposure times of of cleansing wipes

  • MRSA 30 sec
  • VRE 1 min