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Descoton% 2 GDA, instrument disinfection by Dr. Schumacher, 5 L

Descoton% 2 GDA, instrument disinfection by Dr. Schumacher, 5 L

Artikel Nr: DSM 00-135-050
EAN Nr: 4260068625782
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Product details for instrument disinfectants

Descoton % 2 GDA is a ready to use, formaldehyde-free and phenol-free instrument disinfectant with a high degree of material compatibility.

It is based on 2 % glutardialdehyde as active ingredient and contains effective corrosion inhibitors.

Descoton % 2 GDA is fast acting and especially suited for the disinfection of flexible and rigid endoscopes and TEE probes.

Properties of instrument disinfectants

  • formaldehyde-free
  • phenol-free
  • ready to use
  • formaldehyde-free preparation
  • gentle to all materials
  • ready to use

Range of Applications of instrument disinfectants

  • disinfection and cleaning of all kinds of instruents
  • disinfection and cleaning of flexible and rigid endoscopesm

Exposure time of instrument disinfectants

  • bactericidal incl. MRSA, fungicidal
  • 5 min
  • TB bacteria (M. terrae) 5 min
  • effective against all enveloped viruses
  • incl. Hepatitis B virus/HIV/Hepatitis C/ 
  • virus/Vaccinia virus/BVDV 30 sec