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Descoton Forte Manual Instrument Disinfectant, Schumacher

Descoton Forte Manual Instrument Disinfectant, Schumacher

Artikel Nr: DSM 00-101-020-K
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Product details for Descoton Forte

The instrument disinfectants Descoton Forte by Dr. Schumacher is used for disinfection and cleaning of flexible and rigid endoscopes.

Descoton Forte is a highly efficient, liquid concentrate for the disinfection of medical instruments and endoscopes. It is gentle on the material, due to it´s anti-corrosive properties. The efficiency of Descoton Forte allows for disinfection and cleaning in one step. No pre-cleaning necessary. If the instruments are extremely stained, Descoton Forte can be combined with the special cleaner Instru Plus.

Properties of Instrument disinfectants

  • bactericidal
  • tuberculocidal
  • fungicidal (C. Albicans)
  • levurocidal
  • virucidal according to RKI-recommendations (HBV, HIV, HAV, BVDV, vaccinia, adeno, polio, papova, polyoma viruses)
  • sporicidal

Fields of application of Instrument disinfectants

  • for quick disinfection and cleaning in one
  • for surgical instruments of all kind
  • for MI-instruments
  • for anaesthesia material
  • for rubber, porcelain, glass or metal materials
  • for flexible or rigid endoscopes