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BODE Dismoclean® twin basic u. twin zyme 2-component cleaning system

BODE Dismoclean® twin basic u. twin zyme 2-component cleaning system

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Product details for Instrument Cleaning System

The 2-component cleaning system Dismoclean® twin basic / twin zyme of Bode provides hervrragende cleaning results with a high level of material compatibility.

The special of the dual concept is to divide the major ingredients for the cleaning efficiency in two liquid products.

Properties of the cleaning system

  • high cleaning performance at low dosage
  • wide material compatibility incl. alkali-sensitive materials from aluminum, anodised aluminum, titanium
  • pH> 10 according to RKI requirements vCJD
  • no discoloration of instruments and machine
  • rinsability
  • no foaming

The dual use principle allows the use of particularly effective ingredients which - if they were united in a single product - would interfere with increasing storage. In 2-component system, however, the important components such as stay Complexing agents and protein degrading enzymes, do not chemically stable, but also a erziehlen synergstische effect.