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Dispomed Soludrop infusion set gravity, 100 pieces

Dispomed Soludrop infusion set gravity, 100 pieces

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Product details for Soludrop infusion

The Soludrop infusion set of Dispomed with 150cm long tube, Luer Lock / Luer, has a retaining ring for dropper u. A breather filter.

It is manufactured according to ISO 8536-4 for Schwerin mergers and complies with DIN 58,362th Continue the infusion set is equipped with a long and flexible drip chamber for quick and easy adjustment of the liquid level. In addition Soludrop has an extra retainer ring for dropper, a hydrophobic vent filter and is suitable for bags and bottles. The fluid filter has a pore size of 15 microns and the hose has a standard length of 150 cm. The Soludrop infusion set is gamma sterilized and individually packed.

Properties from the infusion set Soludrop

  • with retaining ring
  • with hydrophobic vent filter
  • with liquid filter
  • for bags and bottles
  • with Luer or Luer Lock
  • with long drip chamber
  • 100 items

packaged sterile (gamma sterilized)

  • Reference numbers from the infusion set Soludrop
  • GL = luer, latex free connector, PVC-free
  • GLL = luer lock, latex free connector, PVC-free
  • PLL = Luer-Lock, pressure resistant, PVC

Applications from the infusion Soludrop

  • for gravity infusions