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Ecolab Enzime Cleaner Sekumatic FRE, For Instruments, Sizes

Ecolab Enzime Cleaner Sekumatic FRE, For Instruments, Sizes

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Product details - Instrument Disinfection Sekumatic FRE

Ecolab Sekumatic™ FRE is a neutral enzymatic detergent, suitable for cleaning sensitive materials and medical equipment.

Sekumatic™ FRE by Ecolab is a neutral emzymatic detergent. It can be used when reprocessing medical equipment, offers a high material compatibility and is suitable even for sensitive materials. Sekumatic™ FRE is suitable to clean OR shoes and other thermolabile medical materials as well as for the cleaning step of processes with chemo-thermal disinfection.

The powerful enzyme combination allows for removal of typical soiling of the medical area even at low water temperatures. The detergent is odorless, low foaming, offering good visibility when cleaning and is efficient in low concentrations. Sekumatic™ FRE can be used at all levels of water hardness.

Sekumatic™ FRE is available in the sizes 5 liter and 20 liter.

Properties of Sekumatic™ FRE

  • neutral enzymatic detergent
  • for cleaning steps during automatic reprocession of medical equipment
  • high material compatibility
  • efficient even at low temperatures
  • odorless
  • low foaming
  • economical
  • usable at all water hardness levels
  • available in the sizes 5 liter and 20 liter