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Ecolab Skin Antiseptic Skinsept F, Sizes - 5 L

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Skinsept™ F by Ecolab is used for thorough disinfection of hands and skin in medical practices... more

Product details - Skin Antiseptic Skinsept F

Ecolab Skinsept™ F is an antiseptic forskin and hands, suitable for use prior to injections, punctions, blood samplings or surgery.

Skinsept™ F by Ecolab is used for thorough disinfection of hands and skin in medical practices or hospitals. The disinfectant is suitable for pre-surgical skin antiseptic and can be applied prior to injections, punctions, vaccinations or blood samplings. The ready to use solution is free from iodite and colorants and offers broad efficiency. Skinsept™ F acts bactericidal (incl. MRSA and TB), levurocidal and limitedly virucidal (incl. HIV, HBV and HCV). It is also efficient against Rotavirus. Remanence is very high thanks to added chlorhexidine. The skin disinfectant is free from iodite and thus suitable for patients with iodite allergy.

Skinsept™ F is available in the sizes 350 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter and 5 liters.

Properties of Skinsept™ F

  • disinfectant for skin and hands, suitable for pre- and post surgical application
  • apply prior to injections, punctions, vaccinations and blood samplings
  • free from iodite
  • free from colorants
  • bactericidal (incl. MRSA and TB)
  • levurocidal
  • limitedly virucidal (incl. HIV, HBV and HCV)
  • effective against rotavirus
  • available in sizes 350 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter and 5 liters

Important Information:

Skinsept® F solution for application on skin.

Ingredients: 100 g Skinsept® F contain: Agents: 70,0 g 2-propanol, 0,5 g chlorhexidine (D-gluconat), 1,5 g hydrogen peroxide solution 30%. Other Ingredients: macrogol-6-glycerolcaprylocaprat, odorants, cleaned water.

Application: ready to use solution for skin antiseptic prior to surgery, injections, punctions, blood samplings and vaccinations – for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.

Counter-indications: Not suitable for disinfection of mucosae. Not for wound antiseptic. Do not use close to eyes or when sensitive to ingredients.

Side effects: Rare (less than 1 of 1.000, but more than 1 of 10.000 treated persons) cases of urticaria and allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock. Common (less than 1 of 10, but more than 1 of 100 treated persons) are irritative skin reactions and contact dermatitis. Brief redding of the skin is usually meaningless and disappears on its own. Chemical burns of the skin when using products containing chlorhexidine have been observed on newborn and infants (frequency unknown).

Safety instructions: Easily flammable; do not spray into flames, flash point (according to DIN 51755): 20 degrees Celsius. Always regard safety instructions and manual. Let product dry before handling electric devices. Take care with alcohol-sensitive surfaces. Let dry at least one minute, prior to enzymatic glucode test. Chemical burns of the skin after topical application with chlorhexidinegluconat have been observed with newborn and infants. Premature babies seam to be especially sensitive, due to the immaturity of the skin safety barrier. Skinsept® F should be applied to infants or babies only if there is no other therapeutical alternative and the expected benefit outweighs the risk. We advise to remove excess fluid.

Date: 02/2015

Ecolab Deutschland GmbH, Ecolab-Allee 1, 40789 Monheim am Rhein.

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