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Ecolab Skin Antiseptic Skinsept G, Sizes

Ecolab Skin Antiseptic Skinsept G, Sizes

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Product details - Skin Antiseptic Skinsept G

Ecolab Skinsept™ G is an colored antiseptic forskin and hands, suitable for use prior to injections, punctions, blood samplings or surgery.

Skinsept™ G by Ecolab is used for thorough disinfection of hands and skin in medical practices or hospitals. The disinfectant is suitable for pre-surgical skin antiseptic and can be applied prior to injections, punctions, vaccinations or blood samplings. The ready to use solution is free from iodite and offers broad efficiency. It has been colored with certified water-soluble medical colors. Skinsept™ G acts bactericidal (incl. MRSA and TB), levurocidal and limitedly virucidal (incl. HIV, HBV and HCV). The skin disinfectant is free from iodite and thus suitable for patients with iodite allergy.

Skinsept™ G is available in the sizes 350 ml and 1 liter.

Properties of Skinsept™ G

  • disinfectant for skin and hands, suitable for pre- and post surgical application
  • apply prior to injections, punctions, vaccinations and blood samplings
  • free from iodite
  • colored
  • bactericidal (incl. MRSA and TB)
  • levurocidal
  • limitedly virucidal (incl. HIV, HBV and HCV)
  • available in sizes 350 ml and 1 liter

Important Information:

Skinsept G solution for application on skin.

Ingredients: 100 g Skinsept G solution contain: Agents: 46 g ethanol (96% MEK-denaturated), 27 g 2-propanol. Other ingredients: hydrogen peroxide solution 30%, povidon, ponceau 4R (E 124), yellow orange S (E 110), cleaned water.

Application: Ready to use solution for skin antiseptic prior to surgery, injections, punctions, blood sampling and vaccinations.

Counter-indications: Skinsept G must not be applied if you are allergic against the agents ethanol (96%), 2-propanol or other ingredients of this product. Do not apply close to eyes. Not suitable for disinfection of mucosae.

Side-effects: Contact reactions of the skin are possible (frequency unknown).

Safety instructions: Easily flammable. Do not spray into flames. Flash point (according to DIN 51755): 21 degrees Celsius. Let dry before handling electric devices, especially electric cauter. Take care with alcohol-sensitive surfaces. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse the eyes with lots of water (also underneath the eyelids) – at least for 15 minutes. Check for and remove contact lenses. Contact a doctor, if smptoms are persistent or strong. Application on infants is only permitted under medical observation.

Date: 08/2018

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