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Episiotomy Scissors Braun Stadler by Hartmann, 25 items

Episiotomy Scissors Braun Stadler by Hartmann, 25 items

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Product details for Episiotomy Scissors

These scissors are used to execute episiotomy during childbirth.

  • 25 items per package

The disposable episiotomy scissors by Hartmann are sterile and individually wrapped. They are used during childbirth and are fitted with slightly bent scissor blades to help with the procedure. Clearly marked as disposable on both sides, mix-ups with sterilisable equipment are ruled out.


  • episiotomy scissors Braun Stadler
  • length: 14,5 cm
  • bent scissor blades
  • brushed steel
  • non-reflective
  • sterile storage life: 5 years
  • individually wrapped (sterile)
  • marked as disposable

Fields of application:

  • sterile disposable tool for childbirth
  • execution of episiotomy