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Erler Zimmer Catheterization Trainer/Genital Insert, Diff. Variants - weiblich

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  • EZ7050
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Named after Henri Dunant and Florence Nightingale, the catheterization models "Henri" und... more

Product details - Catheterization Trainer with Male and Female Genital Insert

The catheterization trainer with male or female genitals by Erler Zimmer is suitable to train proper transurethral bladder catheterization under realistic circumstances.

Named after Henri Dunant and Florence Nightingale, the catheterization models "Henri" und "Florence" are revolutionary educational models. They are suitable for realistic simulations and education of proper transurethral bladder catheterization. They are made of durable high quality synthetic materials that are similar to real skin. The pelvic housing is modular and allows for insertion of female or male genital insert. Both variants are available together or separately. Both genital inserts are also available separately.

The synthetic bladder can be placed so that both genital inserts can easily connect. The special shape of the bladder is designed to avoid unrealistic resistance present in common catheterization trainers. Trainees won´t be able to gauge penetration depth or catheter positioning visually or by palpation. The bladder is transparent for visual control of catheter position and depth. It connects to a fluid bag which holds liquid that will flow out after correct catheterization.

Properties of Catheterization Trainer

  • look and feel of material like real skin
  • durable
  • pelvic housing for male (Henri) or female (Florence) genital insert
  • transparent bladder with fluid bag
  • bladder compatible with both genital inserts
  • variants with one or both genital inserts available

Available Variants of Genital Inserts

  • Male genital "Henri": With detachable, movable foreskin with realistic mobility for training of retraction, handling and hygiene. Very realistic urethra with correct anatomical representation of all four zones. Also included is a strap for simulation of a narrowed prostrate due to BPH or prostrate cancer.
  • Female Genital "Florence": Designed to require spreading of the flexible labia for location of the urethral meatus. Realistic amount of resistance during catheterization.
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Erler Zimmer is a family-run, traditional company that specializes in the manufacture of first-class anatomical models and other medical training and education materials. Medicalcorner24® carries an extensive selection of Erler Zimmer products, from complete skeleton models to enlarged detailed studies of individual organs in natural colors or color-coded. Medical simulators and manikins from Erler Zimmer are also part of the range. The nursing dolls are sometimes highly complex and have a variety of functions. We also have medical posters and display boards for school lessons or patient education.