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Euronda Thermodisinfector Eurosafe 60, network port, 56x82,5x58cm

Euronda Thermodisinfector Eurosafe 60, network port, 56x82,5x58cm

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Product details to thermodisinfector Eurosafe 60

The Thermodisinfector Euro Safe 60 of Euronda is a compact, fully automatic washer-disinfector for dental and medical specialists.

Properties of Thermodisinfector Eurosafe 60

  • Made of high quality and resistant stainless steel
  • automatic door lock
  • double glazed door - safety glass
  • color display - easy operation, shows the current cleaning status, remaining term and maintenance and safety
  • 2 independently operating sensor for continuous temperature monitoring
  • fully automatic cleaning, and drying Desinketion
  • Efficient washing programs: 3 presets (short, normal, intensive), 17 additional preset, 20 user-configurable
  • powerful hot air drying - active drying
  • 2 stainless steel spray arm and rinsing channels - uniform thorough cleaning and drying
  • with 2 dosing pumps and cleaning agents - reduces the risk of incorrect dosages
  • documented rinse cycles with total maturities from 45 minutes
  • Integrated storage for process media
  • Batch documentation internally or externally
  • with USB connection and standard LAN network interface - transfer to external servers
  • clear wash chamber - 60 liters
  • Size 560 x 825 x 577 mm (W x H x D)
  • as under appliances in existing working line or freestanding
  • equipped with state base - can be used as storage
  • with multiple water filtration system
  • 62 kg
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Pump capacity: 150 Watt
  • Heating power: 750W
  • Noise: <70 db (A)
  • Water consumption: 12 liters short program, standard / intensive program 18 liters

Applications of Thermodisinfector Eurosafe 60

  • for use in dental and medical specialists
  • as under appliances in existing working line or freestanding
  • for the automated reprocessing of instruments as well as hollow instruments
  • for critical-rated instruments and handpieces