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Informations about Aqua Dest

You can find information about Aqua Dest on this pageMedicalcorner24® Aqua Dest


What is Aqua Dest

Aqua Dest is distilled Water which is free from trace elements, salts and microorganisms.
You can't compare Aqua Dest with tap water because it doesn't have natural soilings which are contained in tap water.

Information about Aqua Dest
Aqua Dest is mostly used in the medical, biology, chemical or pharma industry.
But Aqua Dest can also be used for the following things:

  • Cosmetics
  • Humidifier
  • Windscreen wiper
  • Plants
  • Radiator
  • to iron clothes

Medicalconer24® Aqua Dest

The conductivity of Aqua Bidest is < 0,9µS and is qualified to produce colloidal silver with the Ionic-Pusler® System.
If you use another System to produce colloidal silver, this function can't be guaranteed.
Aqua Dest from Medicalcorner24® is non sterile and it can't be used for infusions, injections or eye drops.
Medicalcorner24® is controlled brand quality.

If you like we can send you a datasheet as a PDF document.
So you can check the quality of our Aqua Dest.

We offer Aqua Bidest in our Shop. You can visit it here.