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Informations about Blood pressure monitor

You can find information about blood pressure monitors on this pageHartmann blood pressure monitor

What is a blood pressure monitor

A blood pressure monitor is used for blood pressure monitoring. There are two possibilities of measuring,
the direct and the indirect measuring. In the direct measuring a needle will be placed inside the bloodstream
and measured with special devices. The direct measuring is only used in operations, intensive care station
or when there is a specifically symptoms. The indirect measuring is the most used examination method.
It uses an inflatable cuff on the arm or leg, or it uses a stethoscope for the measuring. You can also check
the values on the wrist but for this a special blood pressure monitor is needed.

Blood pressure - short explanation

Blood pressure is the pressure inside the arteries in the human body.
Arteries are the blood vessels which divert from the heart.

  • The blood pressure is shown in mmHg, although the SI-Unit stands for Pressure Pascal ist.
  • The blood pressure will be shown with two values. For example: 120 to 80.
  • The first value it the systolic value, which is the value during the blood flows through the arteries again.
  • The second value is the diastolic value shows the resting pressure of the vascular, when the blood flow is not
    inhibited by the cuff. Both values are shown together and also together meaningful.Beurer blood pressure monitor

With the help of blood pressure monitoring you can easily get information about the heart and circulatory without big effort.

Hints for the blood pressure monitoring

When you make the blood pressure measurement you should consider some things. It is necessary to know that the
blood pressure is addicted from the activity, stress, excitement and other factors. That’s why you should make several
measurements with a -pause- of 1 minute between the different measurements. It is also good to know that you should
make a 5-minute silent period and do the measurement in a quiet room to avoid short excitement. Also you shouldn’t
talk lough or cough while you do the measurement.

Information about selft testing

Generally, you should get counseled before you buy a blood pressure monitor. Possibly you also should make a training with
your doctor or pharmacist so you can’t make any mistakes while you make the blood pressure measuring.

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