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Informations about Clinical thermometers

You can find information about clinical thermometer on this page

cantactless clnical thermometer by Beurer

Information about clinical thermometers

Formerly clinical thermometers worked with mercury in a glass tube. Because mercury
is very poisoning for the human body, the very fragile material the thermometers been
made of and the difficult disposal, mercury is not allowed to be used in thermometers nowadays.

Clinical thermometers nowadays

Clinical thermometers can be separate in 3 categories. Instead of mercury, Galistan is
used nowadays. These thermometers are in the same design as the mercury thermometers
but they’re not poisoning. Because these thermometers are made of glass they can be
disinfected easily. Also, they’re offered digital thermometers which are offered as contact and
contactless thermometers. The contact digital thermometer measures the body temperature
with a tip made of nickel so it can’t be used for people who are allergic to nickel. Contactless
thermometers are working with infrared sensors to measure the body temperature, so it is more
hygienic to use them instead of normal thermometers.

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