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Tubular bandage Coverflex® Hartmann, Gr. 1 - Gr. 5, 1 roll of 10 m

Tubular bandage Coverflex® Hartmann, Gr. 1 - Gr. 5, 1 roll of 10 m

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Product details for tubular bandage

The tubular bandage Coverflex® of hartmann is ideal for fat wet therapy.

Properties of the tubular bandage

  • permanently elastic
  • skin-friendly
  • of dense, silky material
  • inlaid with elastane for a secure fit
  • To create quickly and easily without tools
  • no leakage of ointments - protects bedding and clothing
  • woven stripe color as size identification
  • 91% Viscose
  • 5% polyamide
  • 4% elastane

Applications from the hose Vera band

  • as a wet dressing with the fat wet therapy in the acute phase of atopic eczema
  • as a dry dressing in chronic phase to cover ointments and creams on sensitive, eczematous skin
  • as surface or coating with Zinkleim- and casts; for safe fixing dressings

Size information from the hose Vera band

  • Gr. 1 color code red; scope for 8-15 cm at child's arm, Footer
  • Gr. 2 color code green; for circumference 10-25 cm for children leg, arm
  • Gr. 3 color code blue; for circumference 20-45 cm at child's head, arm, leg
  • Gr. 4 color code yellow; for circumference 35-65 cm for children header, body, head, leg
  • Gr. 5 beige color code; for peripheral 50-120 cm in Hull