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Foliodrape® drapes by Hartmann, comfort or protect, diff. Sizes

Foliodrape® drapes by Hartmann, comfort or protect, diff. Sizes

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Product details for Surgical Drapes

The Foliodrape® drapes Hartmann is available in 2 qualities comfort and protect unterschidlichen and sizes.

They are impervious to moisture and bacteria, abrasion resistant and extremely low linting un can drape well.

Properties of the drapes

  • comfort: from high-performance, continuous three-layer material
  • Protect: from high-performance two-layer material

Applications of Drapes

  • for sterile draping of the patient and Inventory
  • in the operating room
  • in the ambulance
  • on the station
  • in practice

Specify the size Drapes

  • comfort 50x50 cm, 3-ply, 90 pieces
  • 45x75 cm comfort, 3-ply, 60 pieces
  • 75x90 cm comfort, 3-ply, 30 pieces
  • protect 45x75 cm, 65 pieces
  • protect 75x90 cm, 35 pieces
  • protect 90x150 cm, 20 pieces