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Hartmann Grassolind® ointment, cotton fabric, diff. Sizes

Hartmann Grassolind® ointment, cotton fabric, diff. Sizes

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Product details for ointment Grassolind

The ointment Grassolind of Hartmann with the wide-meshed cotton fabric is suitable for wound treatment of eg Burns.

The drug-free Grassolind ointment made of wide-meshed, air and sekretdurchlässigem cotton fabric that is impregnated with a neutral ointment mass which is not washed out by their rich job even with heavy exudation. The compress the Weieteren is easily cut to size.

Content of the ointment

  • white soft paraffin
  • Diglycerol esters of mono- and Dicarbonfettsäuren
  • synthetic wax


  • for general wound treatment, especially for Geschmeidighalten of wound surfaces and Area Borders, z. B. for large-scale survey or lacerations and burns or scalds
  • in plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • in nail extractions, etc. Phimoseoperationen
  • to cover the donor site in skin transplants and to fix the split-thickness skin grafts
  • in dermatology
  • for skin and drug-sensitive patients