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HydroTac foam dressing with hydrogel layer of Hartmann, all sizes

HydroTac foam dressing with hydrogel layer of Hartmann, all sizes

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Product detail hydrogel foam dressing

HydroTac Hartmann is a hydrophilic foam dressing with self-adhesive effect that keeps dry wounds moist and wet wounds dry.

This foam dressing has a wound side reticulated hydrogel layer and a water vapor permeable, liquid and germ-proof polyurethane topcoat. The absorbent foam takes excess wound exudate quickly without drying out the wound. At relatively dry wounds the hydrogel releases moisture and supports the formation and maintenance of moist wound environment, thereby granulation and epithelialization be encouraged. the wound dressing is soft and supple, has good cushioning effect and can be removed painlessly.


  • for wound treatment of low to moderately exuding wounds from the middle of the granulation to complete wound closure, z. B. in leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers
  • for the supply of burns Grade 2
  • for the treatment of split skin donor sites after previous adequate hemostasis