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Hartmann Omniplast® Fixation Plaster, Tensile Strength, 5 Rolls

Hartmann Omniplast® Fixation Plaster, Tensile Strength, 5 Rolls

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Product details - Omniplast Fixation Plaster

The fixing plaster Ominplast® by Hartmann is offered here as a practical set with 5 rolls. It is resistant to tension, hypoallergenic and suitable for any type of dressing fixation.

Omniplast is made of textile fabric, which is provided with a synthetic rubber adhesive. It is hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for sensitive skin. A slight tearing is ensured by the serrated edge and thus allows a quick and easy fixation. Omniplast is used as dressing fixations of all kinds. The roller plaster is rolled on a plastic spool and thus very economical to use.

Kit Contents

  • 5 rolls of Ominplast® fixation plaster by Hartmann

Properties of Fixation Plaster

  • made of textile fabric
  • with synthetic rubber adhesive
  • hypoallergenic and skin friendly
  • permeable to air and water vapor
  • easy tearing through zig-zag edge
  • remove without residue
  • good adhesion
  • on plastic spool
  • Length. 9.2 cm
  • 1.25 cm or 2.5 cm

Applications of Fixation Plaster

  • for dressing fixations of all kinds
  • for attaching probes, cannulas, catheters or measuring instruments