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Putter Binde® short stretch bandage Hartmann, 5 m, diff. Widths

Putter Binde® short stretch bandage Hartmann, 5 m, diff. Widths

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Product details for short-stretch-bandage

The particularly strong short-stretch bandage Pütterbinde® by Hartmann is Suitable for the opposing dressing technique.

Properties of the short-stretch bandage

  • single binding
  • various. widths
  • particularly strong
  • textile elastic short-stretch bandages
  • Elongation 90%
  • high working pressure with low resting pressure
  • even in continuous associations sustained compression effect
  • breathable and skin-friendly
  • boiling and sterilizable (by autoclaving at 134 ° C)
  • with permanently printed washing instructions on tying the end
  • skin colors
  • Material 100% cotton
  • * EWZ medice

Applications of short-stretch bandage

  • for very high compression
  • after Varizenverödungen
  • for all acute and chronic venous Stauungsödemen
  • Leg ulcers and thrombophlebitis