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Hartmann Veroval® Breathalyzer, color, 2min, 1pcs

Hartmann Veroval® Breathalyzer, color, 2min, 1pcs

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Product details of Veroval Breathalyzer

The 2 min. Hartmann Veroval® alcohol - self-test on the road, measures the blood alcohol level with an accuracy of 95%.

With this alcohol tester, they can quickly and simply measure their own alcohol content in the blood and check whether they have exceeded the limit of 0.2 per thousand. The tester is small and handy and can be carried everywhere. After execution (according to instructions), the test result after 2 min. Visible and 95% accurate. The visibility of the test results is shown by discoloration of the crystals contained in the tube and is clearly readable.

Properties of the Veroval® alcohol - self-test

  • Evidence in the exhaled air
  • Evidence of the perille content
  • Safety and accuracy of more than 95%
  • Fast, easy and carry out
  • Accurate and clear test result
  • Test result after 2 min
  • 1x Single-use alcohol tester
  • 1x Instructions for use

Application areas of the Veroval® alcohol quick-test

  • Quick test
  • For measuring the blood alcohol level
  • Self test at home / on the road

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